3 Decorating Projects You Can Do With the Kids

Posted on Blog September 15, 2017 by Jinny Martin

If your family includes a young interior designer or decorator, you may be looking for ways to incorporate his or her tastes into the family home. Several decorating projects can involve your kids, helping them to feel like their input and opinions matter.

Working in the Yard

Children often enjoy spending time outdoors, so taking part in the design and care of your yard can be a fun project for the whole family. Head to the local nursery together to pick out plants, flowers, and trees, and then spend a Saturday or two planting these items that you’ve selected. Give your kids their own watering cans to keep the new plants hydrated and healthy. You could even have them help out with weeding and other necessary yard care tasks. Celebrate the completion of the yard design by hosting a BBQ or family get-together.

Room Design

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just upgrading your child’s bedroom, it’s always fun to pick out new furniture together. When your son or daughter can take part in the selection of furniture, wallpaper or paint, and other design accents, they will feel like the room reflects their personal style and tastes.

Create Art Together

Even younger kids can take part in this design activity, which helps everyone get in touch with their creative sides. Grab a blank canvas and some paint, and then start creating a piece of art that reflects each member of your family. When you finish, let it dry and find a prominent place to display it in your home. Every time your kids walk past this piece of art, they’ll feel pride in knowing that their skills are included in the design.

When you’re designing the interior of your new home, you can make it a family affair. Contact Centra Falls to find out about specials for your family in the new Centra Falls West.

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