3 Holiday Decorating Tips

Posted on Housing Trends, Real Estate December 22, 2016 by Tony Smith



There are few things more fun than decorating your home for the holidays. The simple things like putting ornaments on the tree, stringing up Christmas lights, strategically placing inflatable holiday characters on your front lawn, and hanging a wreath on your door are memories that last forever.

If you’re struggling for ways to decorate your home this holiday season, here’s a brief list of ideas to get you started…

1) The Christmas tree


You need a tree in the house, both for visuals and that incredible pine tree smell. You don’t have to go crazy and strap a 8-foot tree to the top of your car. A small table tree will suffice, and immediately put you and your family in the holiday spirit.

Pay attention the price of the small tree versus the 6-foot tree. A lot of times the price difference is negligible, and you might as well get the bigger tree.

2) Fake candles in the windows

This is a great look for your house if you’re not in the mood to buy 1000 feet of string lights. It’s not flashy, but it makes your home feel more homey during the holidays.

Just make sure they’re FAKE candles. Please don’t burn your house down.

3) Luminarias


A luminaria is a small paper bag lantern that’s weighted with sand. On Christmas Eve, families around the world line the neighborhood streets with luminarias to let Santa know where to land his sleigh.

There’s a good chance your neighborhood doesn’t light luminarias, and if that’s the case, maybe you’re the family that starts this really cool tradition.

At the very least, you can light some along your driveway.

Have a happy holiday!

From the whole team at Centra Falls, we hope you have a happy holiday and great new year!

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