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How to Maximize Space in Your Living Room

Posted on Blog June 20, 2017 by Jinny Martin

Is your living room feeling a little cramped? Sometimes you don’t need to get rid of stuff to create more space; all you need to do is implement a few clever solutions. Think Vertically Vertical storage solutions free up floor space and give you more space to move around. You may want to: Install floating Read more →

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Top Colors to Watch For In 2017

Posted on Blog, Housing Trends August 25, 2016 by Tony Smith

The key to successful interior design is to understand the trends that are happening right now, or even better, predict the ones that are in the future. This ensures the lifetime of any interior design job you complete is not immediately outdated. Here is a list of predictions for popular colors in 2017: Dusky Blue: Read more →

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Stress is Lower in Pembroke Pines

Posted on Blog, Pembroke Pines July 21, 2016 by Janis

Chill Out – People who live in Pembroke Pines are less stressed out than residents of other cities in South Florida. Stress is a part of life. A little stress can be a good thing. Too much stress can negatively impact health, finances and family relationships. People living in Pembroke Pines seem to have discovered Read more →

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Centra Falls has A-rated public schools

Posted on Blog, Pembroke Pines February 22, 2016 by Janis

The rankings are out!  According to a February 12, 2016 letter to School Board members and the attached report, “2014‐15 Preliminary Informational Baseline School Grades, Broward County Public Schools, 2014‐15” our area public schools: Lakeside Elementary School, Walter C. Young Middle School and Charles W. Flanagan High School, all received A-ratings! Having access to A-rated public Read more →

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