How to Choose a New Couch

Posted on Blog, Housing Trends August 15, 2017 by Jinny Martin

Picking out any new piece of furniture is exciting, but choosing a new couch sparks a particular thrill. The sofa is often the central piece of furniture in the living room; it’s prime real estate for sitting, it holds more people than any other piece, and because couches are large, it stands out as a matter of course. The worst thing you can do is plop a subpar, uncomfortable couch in the middle of the room, so think before you buy.

Measure It

First, measure your living room, particularly the space where you want to position the couch. Once you’re shopping in earnest, avoid anything too big or too small. Tiny couches in large rooms look more like love seats. Don’t waste your money on something that won’t provide adequate seating. You also don’t want to get stuck trying to maneuver a too-large divan into a space that’s nowhere near big enough.

Sit on It

Your couch has to last for years. Your family, friends, and yourself will sit on it, sleep on it, and roughhouse on it, so by all means, give it a test drive. Bounce around a little to check out the springs and the frame. Avoid rough textiles, but do opt for durable, long-lasting materials. Consider whether you want a sleeper sofa, judge your cushion to arm rest ratio, and make sure you can stretch out comfortably.

Complement It

Never pick out a couch that clashes with your color palette and decor. You don’t have to match your new piece perfectly. A complementary color or pattern will take your sofa’s statement-making appeal to the next level. Just don’t choose a couch that contrasts so much that it seems out-of-place.

Match the style of the rest of your furniture, as well — don’t drop a modern couch in a country-themed room. Need a place to put your new couch? Check out the townhome communities of Centra Falls and Centra Falls West in Pembroke Pines, Florida today. They’re the epitome of luxury in the perfect location.

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