How to Find the Best Interior Paint for Your Needs

Posted on Pembroke Pines July 17, 2016 by Tony Smith

Selecting an interior paint is quite simple when you consider these 5 factors:

  1. Hide the flaws: the surface you are painting might be full of flaws that need to be hidden away. A flat paint has the ability to dry to a non-reflective finish which is perfect for hiding away the flaws in a variety of surfaces such as woodwork.
  2. Versatility: if you need to paint over many different surface types then select an all-in-one type paint. Universal paints are typically made from 100% acrylic.
  3. Stain resistance: 100% acrylic paints are also great for reducing the number of stains that are easily visible on the surface. “Tough” paints like that increases the lifetime of the finish, which means you’ll need to re-paint a lot less often.
  4. Saving time: when time is an issue then selecting a paint that’s both a primer and a paint is the logical choice. It means you can paint over surfaces with a fewer number of coats when compared with other paints.
  5. Durable color: if you’re picky about the color and shade of the paint, then a paint with high color retention is key. For example, high quality color acrylic paints are able to maintain the original look over a prolonged period of time.

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