How to Maximize Space in Your Living Room

Posted on Blog June 20, 2017 by Jinny Martin

Is your living room feeling a little cramped? Sometimes you don’t need to get rid of stuff to create more space; all you need to do is implement a few clever solutions.

Think Vertically

Vertical storage solutions free up floor space and give you more space to move around. You may want to:

  • Install floating shelves. These make a great place to store your favorite books, small plants, and odds and ends.
  • Buy a tall bookcase. A tall, somewhat narrow bookcase will give you an area for various objects, and the bookcase itself will create an appealing vertical line that makes the room seem taller and therefore more spacious.

Another way to think vertical is to put artwork above eye level. This draws eyes upward and is another way to trick yourself into feeling like the room is bigger.

Swap Out Your Furniture

Head to your local furniture store and look for furniture that comes with storage compartments. A cozy ottoman will make the perfect place to keep spare throw blankets or a few board games. A coffee table with a few drawers or a shelf underneath provides even more room for magazines or your favorite knickknacks.

Keep in mind that you should use full-size furniture even if your living room is small. The larger furniture will create the illusion of a bigger space.

Aim for Functionality

Before you buy anything for your living room, consider its use. For example, you might not need a coffee table at all. Instead, buy two small end tables for your sofa that have shelves underneath. The two smaller tables will also be easier to rearrange.

Often, optimizing a small living room is just a matter of making a few adjustments. However, if your current house is just too tiny, it might be time to move. Contact Centra Falls to learn more about the gorgeous town homes the company offers.

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