Mirror-Based Redecorating Ideas

Posted on Housing Trends September 23, 2016 by Tony Smith

Interested in redecorating your home to give it that fresh new look? Then consider making mirrors the focal point of your redecorating strategy because they’re perfect for multiple uses and not just to make sure your shoes match your outfit. Here are a few neat ideas to get you going:

  • Create the illusion of more space: if there is a room in the house that feels small, then you can increase its perceived size by strategically placing a mirror in the space. As Kymberlyn Lacy, a lifestyle expert with International Flair Designs in Little Rock, AR, says, “A mirror gives the illusion of more space in the dining room, which is the most popular spot for homeowners to use.” Mirrors will make the room feel larger and increase the amount of light.
  • Outside mirrors: there is no reason why mirrors cannot be placed in a patio or backyard. Not only will your yard have a larger perceived size, but you also don’t need to use new mirrors. Since it’s outside, old ones will do and larger ones will have more of an impact. Mirrors outside will update your yard and give it that modern look.
  • Art based mirrors: there are a variety of funky art mirrors that can be hung in concentrated clusters to give a room a new look. The rules for hanging art based mirrors are similar to that of hanging artwork, do whatever works for you and the space.

These fun mirror ideas are perfect for any home new or old! Are you going to try out this popular mirror trend? Check out our snapshot page for what these mirrors could look like in your new home.

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