Stress is Lower in Pembroke Pines

Posted on Blog, Pembroke Pines July 21, 2016 by Janis

Chill Out – People who live in Pembroke Pines are less stressed out than residents of other cities in South Florida. Stress is a part of life. A little stress can be a good thing. Too much stress can negatively impact health, finances and family relationships. People living in Pembroke Pines seem to have discovered Read more →

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How to Find the Best Interior Paint for Your Needs

Posted on Pembroke Pines July 17, 2016 by Tony Smith

Selecting an interior paint is quite simple when you consider these 5 factors: Hide the flaws: the surface you are painting might be full of flaws that need to be hidden away. A flat paint has the ability to dry to a non-reflective finish which is perfect for hiding away the flaws in a variety Read more →

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Why Homebuyers Prefer New Homes Over Old Ones

Posted on Pembroke Pines June 23, 2016 by Tony Smith

Nowadays new homes offer more value for money spent than ever before. Here are the top benefits of opting for a new home as opposed to an old one: Energy Efficiency: The modern home is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Therefore, you can expect the energy bills to be lower than that of an Read more →

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High home prices are good news for Rock Creek and Embassy Lakes empty nesters

Posted on Baby Boomers, Cooper City, Empty Nesters, Real Estate June 1, 2016 by Janis

The Wall Street Journal reported today “home prices are back to near-record highs.” A quick review of homes in Cooper City’s Rock Creek neighborhood on indicates many home prices are back to – or have pushed past – their 2004 highs! That’s great news for Cooper City homeowners who purchased their homes in the Read more →

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10 Reasons Centra Falls in Pembroke Pines is perfect for millennial homebuyers

Posted on Millennials, Pembroke Pines, Real Estate May 18, 2016 by Janis

According to a recent article reported on, Centra Falls has everything millennial homebuyers say they are looking for in a new home. A 2015 National Association of Realtor’s study identified millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) as the largest segment of the homebuyer market today. They have a list of “must-have’s” in-line with Read more →

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