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Advice on Moving When You Have Children

Posted on Housing Trends November 22, 2016 by Jinny Martin

Are you in the process of moving home and need to do so with kids in the picture? Moving home can be a stressful process, and it doesn’t get any easier when kids are involved. So here are a few of the top tips to help you move with kids: Work while they are sleeping: Read more →

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Tips For Decorating With a Pattern

Posted on Housing Trends October 26, 2016 by Jinny Martin

Decorating with a pattern can induce a range of emotions – anything from relaxation to drama or excitement. However, decorating your home with a pattern based approach can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. Here are some pattern tips you can follow to get started: Proportion: one aspect you’ll need to consider is Read more →

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Mirror-Based Redecorating Ideas

Posted on Housing Trends September 23, 2016 by Tony Smith

Interested in redecorating your home to give it that fresh new look? Then consider making mirrors the focal point of your redecorating strategy because they’re perfect for multiple uses and not just to make sure your shoes match your outfit. Here are a few neat ideas to get you going: Create the illusion of more Read more →

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Top Colors to Watch For In 2017

Posted on Blog, Housing Trends August 25, 2016 by Tony Smith

The key to successful interior design is to understand the trends that are happening right now, or even better, predict the ones that are in the future. This ensures the lifetime of any interior design job you complete is not immediately outdated. Here is a list of predictions for popular colors in 2017: Dusky Blue: Read more →

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How to Find the Best Interior Paint for Your Needs

Posted on Pembroke Pines July 17, 2016 by Tony Smith

Selecting an interior paint is quite simple when you consider these 5 factors: Hide the flaws: the surface you are painting might be full of flaws that need to be hidden away. A flat paint has the ability to dry to a non-reflective finish which is perfect for hiding away the flaws in a variety Read more →

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