Top Things Real Estate Buyers Need To Consider Besides Location

Posted on Real Estate March 14, 2017 by Jinny Martin

While location is one of the more important aspects of buying a home there are plenty of other factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. Knowing what to look for on your next viewing can make for a more enjoyable experience. Here is a list of the top ones:

  • Ceiling height: you’ll be surprised at how much vertical space adds value to a home, and with so much focus on how many square feet a home has, this can be overlooked. A piece of real estate with a higher ceiling will give you more options regarding how to make use of your walls and it allows the home to feel bigger.
  • Windows: the windows can be one of the biggest factors that determines the heating efficiency of your home. Double glazing is a must so that thermal and noise insulation is of a high level. Find out the cost of replacing the windows if they are dated before you place a bid for the property.
  • Storage: when viewing real estate you need to have a vision of how you are going to live in it. Part of that vision should include the problem of where you are going to store all of your belongings. If there is a lack of storage space for the number of things you have then it might be a problem.

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